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The Capybaras

Formed in protest at the declaration by the Pope in the 16th Century that the Capybara was in fact a fish, this group ‘The Capybaras’ strive for world peace through song and through the non-eating of Capybaras.

This single / album / bingle / albumella kicks off with Scary Death Girls; the modern horror movie seen and taken apart by a  bored 12 year old girl who already knows better. Film criticism has never had this catchy a backing before in its previous 200 years of existence.

The second song is The Capybara Suite, a heartfelt plea for understanding from the largest rodent in the world. The suite consists of eight pieces spanning musical and vocal styles and sonic worlds but is above all imbued with spirit and soul. It's an encyclopaedia, it's a lament, it's a battle cry.

Capybara party in the jungle Tonight!



Video Evidence: McCapybara Park

The Capybaras are still pretty angry about a lot of stuff. But they are angry in a loving way, like a parent who's just had a mint choc chip ice cream cone shoved in their face by their sugar high offspring, or like a kid looking up at a group of adult townspeople shouting "You destroyed my planet!!!"

Well, anyway, The Capybaras have a sense of justice and they're not afraid to use it. None of them being qualified international lawyers, they choose the next best thing to International Law: making a bloody racket about it.

Amongst other things, Stropicalia takes you to the nub of the matter on international relations, intranational relations, internal relations, internalised relations, internal organs, external Hammond organs, passport control, telephone switchboards and flowers.

So if you're in International Law school, or maybe medical school, and it's not working out, or you're just goofing off for an afternoon, 42 of your minutes would be wisely spent with The Capybaras. You are most welcome to their lovely, marvelous world.

Capybaras Live!!!

The Capybaras play Stropicalia Live!

Thursday 20th February 2014


The Stags Head
55 Orsman Rd
N1 5RA

Brace yourself. The Capybaras are back with a new album and they're not afraid to play it in its entirety. Are YOU afraid to hear it in its entirety? Presented including the rhythmic stylings of Sir Bob Drake and the dazzling interventions of The Capybarettas.

It sounds a little like this: http://
It doesn't really look much like this: watch?v=bd12w_U54as TheCapybaras

with support from:
Pu Pa'o in Chinese Clothes
Pathologically mysterious accessible frequencies from the Lord Reith of the post-service-industry hinterlands.

Duncan Reekie
Will be arriving at the venue at an angle of 32 degrees, having been fired from the Exploding Cinema's Surface to Art missile launcher. Visual treat; aural nutrition. user/duncanreekie

Evening includes the vinyl sensibilities of DJ Campbell.

The Capybaras at Union Chapel!

Saturday 22nd February 2014

Union Chapel

Compton Terrace

N1 2UN

London UK

Daylight Music is a dazzling idea presented by the Union Chapel to open up their amazing gothic venue to a shiny new daytime crowd and provide a rather exciting platform for artists. Produced by Arctic Circle.

FREE ENTRY* midday - till 2.00pm

Chris T-T & The Hoodrats watch?v=0auYPyxQzIQ&list=PL D6tefJ3Nst5FXhShl15XpUgLcW JxXgfA&index=1

The Capybaras

Laura Cannell U-Rz8OeWUvs

*Entry to Daylight Music is free but we ask you consider giving a small donations (suggested donation £3.50) which we put towards the running costs and expenses of bring these bands (from all over the country) to the venue. Thank you for your support!  

This is what you missed:

The Capybaras
play It’s Capybara Time!


Saturday 25th June 2011

The Montague Arms
289 Queens Road
SE15 2PA

Frog Morris Presents...

The Capybaras
MIA Dancers
Nish Kumar
A Tribute to Mr Blobby

Entry £4 (£3 Conc.)
Montague Arms, 289 Queens Road, New Cross SE15
Public Transport : New Cross Gate / Queens Road Peckham
Find us on Google Maps >
"The Best Pub in the Country" The London Paper


And you have already missed...

Saturday 14th May - Union Chapel 

The Capybaras! It’s Capybara Time!

The Capybaras are the future. The largest rodents in the world are here to show everyone that music, performance and hyperbole will never be the same again. After the rodent diaspora, they are assembling from all corners of the world to unite for an evening of riotous yet thoughtful partying. If the Incredible String Band had been born in Venezuela and been under the influence of garage pop, Funkadelic and The Carpenters, this is exactly what they would have sounded like.
The Capybaras will be joined by The Capybarettas, the four-strong team of advanced music and movement practitioners that will bring the onstage total to 8 people, all of whom will arrest your attention, for various reasons.
The Capybaras will be playing in its entirety The Capybara Suite. Unlike Lou Reed, however, they will be allowing muted applause between sections. Also unlike Lou Reed, they will be mostly approachable and chatty on the evening. Though they cannot be held responsible for the actions of their security staff.


There will be Cake.